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Concession Duty for Varsity Games

Concession Assignments for Varsity Games

Each team in the hockey association has committed to cover all home Varsity games.  Proceeds from concession sales offset hockey rink expenses and player association fees.  

For Varsity games:

  • Four parents should be assigned to cover concession duty
  • Parents should arrive as scheduled to help prepare food for sale
  • Note the early start times for certain games and plan ahead to ensure you arrive on time
  • Teams wishing to change their scheduled coverage times are responsible for finding another team that is willing to trade times.  Remember to email these changes to so that it is reflected in the game schedule.

Switching Assignments

Parents who are assigned concession duty are reminded:

  • If you are unable to cover your shift, contact another hockey parent on your team (or in the league) to switch concession dates.
  • If you are unable to switch with another parent, you will need to call an on-call substitute to cover your shift.  The rate is $10 per hour for practices, and $15 per hour for games.  Parents are responsible for paying these substitutes up front.

On-call substitutes:

  • Justin Noble at 854-5172

Email with these changes so that they are taken into account with future concession assignments.

Matilda Larson

Phone: 315 322-8941