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Information For Rink Managers

Billing Guidlines

We request that all ice be booked individually under the proper name of the coach and program name.  Not group together under a master Canton Minor Hockey title.  By properly noting the details of those programs from CMH renting, this will hopefully allow you to produce ice bills for that specific program each month, not simply producing a general invoice for ice use to the association for multiple teams, which can complicate monthly reconciliation for the association.


In regards to ice bills, Canton Minor Hockey would like to encourage facilities to produce a monthly bill, given to the team billing contact (see matrix below) and the association treasurer no later than the 15th of each month. For example, for a November ice bill, the copy of that bill should be given to Canton Minor Hockey by or before the 15th of December in order to be paid in a timely manner. Again, invoices should be produced individually for the specific teams using that ice over the course of the month.

Invoices must be sent to the teams billing contact noted below as well as Canton Minor Hockey’s email account and also copied to those emails will be Bryan Parker (Treasurer)


Billing matrix

Team Coach Name Manager Name Billing Email Billing email 2
9U St. Lawrence Steel Vic Natali Bryan Parker
10U St. Lawrence Steel Allen Briggs Geoff Peters
11U St. Lawrence Steel Kevin Logan Colleen Logan
12U St. Lawrence Steel Bill Palmer Ariane Palmer
13U St. Lawrence Steel
14U St. Lawrence Steel Erik McLaughlin Mark Hughes
16U St. Lawrence Steel
18U St. Lawrence Steel
19U St. Lawrence Steel Womens Matt Cullen Tammy Cartier
10U Blades
12U Blades
14U Blades
All Bears Programs